Monday, August 18, 2014

Miracle of Mike

Sorry for the lack of pics lately, don't worry next week there will be a plethora. The library comps are just not the best and our Internet in our chapel has been quite spotty. ANYWAYS
Miracle of Mike: We have been meeting with Mike since beginning of July and his baptismal date is for August 23, this Saturday. He has been to church 5 times, but because of his job he hasn't been able to come to sacrament meeting and he has been in the process of quitting smoking. In order for him to be baptised, he needed to come this week and he needed to pray specifically. He believes in everything, but he hasn't ever prayed specifically so on Saturday we committed him to pray about being able to come to church and if he was ready to make that commitment this week. He wasn't sure on Saturday, but in the evening he said he got down on his knees and sincerely prayed about a lot of things. Well during the start of church Mike was not there and we thought he couldn't make it. During the beginning of the sacrament, I was just reading the words of the sacrament hymn and reflecting on the Saviour and especially thinking of Mike. I said a prayer for him and when I looked up from the hymn book, 2 pews in front of me was Mike. I thought I was hallucinating at first. I did not even see or hear him walk in. I literally thought he teleported there. Shocked I just squeezed Sister Sargsyan's arm. He just turned back to us and smiled. He told us for the first time he felt like God had really answered His prayers to be able to make it that morning and be able to be baptised. A new light had come into Mike that I hadn't seen before. He was hesitant a week ago about quitting smoking, but today he said he had smoked his last cigarette. When talking about baptism, he was giddy like a school boy and started calling all the people he wanted to be apart of it. This was a miracle. I cannot believe it honestly. We really thought he was going to have to push his date back because we felt he wasn't ready, but it is amazing that prayer is what really builds our faith and propels us forward. When he specifically asked, God specifically answered. Saturday will be so special. He has been through so much in his life and can't wait to be baptised and receive the Holy Ghost.
I love you all so much, I am sorry this is short but my time is dwindling quickly. I know God is a God of miracles and I am a witness to so many.
Sister McLeod

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