Monday, August 11, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

Temple: We were able to go to the temple with Mike and Brenda. Mike is just loving the gospel and is such good friends with so many members already. Brenda is hilarious, she is a member who came along and we had such a wonderful time. I have loved being able to go to the temple at different seasons literally and metaphorically on my mission. The first was at Christmas when the frost covered the grass and we were able to do a session with all the missionaries. The second was in spring with Maxie, George, Eve, and Sister Andersen where the flowers were blooming. And the third was with Mike, Brenda, and Sister Sargsyan where it was sunny and warm as ever. Everytime I walk the temple grounds there is a overwhelming feeling of peace, and it really is a slice of perfection. The sweetest thing was to see Mike by himself buy a large picture of the temple at the distribution center and say he was going to get a frame for it. He remarked on how simply beautiful the experience was and how special it was to enjoy it with him.
The best 24 hours: I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Walmsley from New Zealand in Weymouth this week and it was AMAZING. We were instantly best friends and it is weird, I feel like I've known and served with her for ages. Already planning to go visit her. The cool thing was she had a dream a couple months ago that she was going to serve with me, so she is pretty much a prophetess. But really, it was an answer to both of our prayers because we were able to see so many miracles and talk so openly about everything. She came out at the same time, but she is a visitors center sister and so she was there for the first 10 months and then has been out for a couple months. And she will be famous one day in the world of Mormon music, because she is seriously so talented in singing and playing the guitar. Our mission has been really into thinking of creative ways to find and so Sister Walmsley and I took her guitar out to go finding all day and she was able to touch so many people's hearts by singing songs she has composed on her mission. I was tearing up and the people were too because it was so beautiful. Music brings the Spirit quicker than anything. Pretty much we were on fire the whole day (well Heavenly Father was blessing us of course-not getting prideful) and we found the coolest people and to top it off one of their members owns a hotel and told us to come for a proper English roast for dinner. From this exchange, we learned so many things from each other and I really am learning that the whole point of this gospel is to help one another. It is not just about giving service, it is also about receiving. Jesus taught us this as he washed all of his disciples feet. Peter first objected, but Jesus reminded him that he needed to let him serve him. I helped Sister Walmsley with things, and she helped me with things and it makes the whole world go round. I am so mad I didn't take a picture, but ill send on next week.
I love you all so much! I love England! I love being a missionary! Just pretty much feeling the love
Sister McLeod

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