Monday, August 4, 2014

Miracles of Children

Miracles of children: It really amazes me how close to the Lord children/ teenagers can really be. Two of the highlights of this week came from a 11 year old and a 13 year old boy.

1. On Thursdays, we do a Family Home Evening type of activity and lesson for our investigators and members. One of the recent converts has a 11 years old boy who has asbergers and has had his ups and downs in deciding if he wants to join the church. He is extremely intelligent and hyperactive. When we were in the lesson part, he wasn't paying attention (or what we thought) and when we watched this Mormon message it completely brought the Spirit. His little brother and him shared the most sincere desires to really test to see if there is a God through praying and fasting. Their words were so sincere and honest and it was one of the most powerful lessons I've been in.

2On Sunday, in fast and testimony meeting Jack and Phoebe came. Phoebe is 11 and Jack is 13. Their mom has been less active for 20 years or so. After explaining what a testimony was, he asked if he could bear his testimony, but if he could write it down. Oh man, it touched me so much. It went along the lines of how much he enjoyed learning about the church, how friendly everyone was, how he appreciated the sisters, was looking forward to camp(youth camp is this week), and how he was feeling the Spirit. It was so sweet and completely unexpected. I really know Jack will lead his family in being baptized or returning to church.

Costco: Sister Sargsyan has not had anything happen to her physically this week, so that is awesome. We went to do an MRI in Southampton and guess what I WENT TO COSTCO AND IT WAS A PIECE OF HEAVEN. Oh man it was so bizarre to be in Costco in England. I didn't even know until Phil Grant (aka as the best member ever) took us there after the appointment for lunch. The only difference in the food is they added cottage pie. man it was the best. as you can see in the pic. 

Diversity: I do appreciate the diversity of Bourenmouth. One day we taught an Algerian, Oman girls, Russian, English, South African, and Indian all in one day! It is so nice that Sister S knows so many languages.

Well I love you so much. I really appreciate all of your prayer and love. I really feel it so much. Bournemouth is the best. So beautiful. It has been an amazing summer. I love seeing and hearing from all of you and I just am so thankful for everything in my life. The gospel really has given me so much strength throughout my life and especially on the mission. I love you all and you must watch this! Haha, if any of you watch one tree hill i totally had a flash back to that in the beginning with the basketball. anyways, it is so powerful!

Love you loads!

This is a horrible pic of all of us, but nonetheless heres a pic of MLC!

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