Monday, October 6, 2014

Last Move

Moves: I got my last moves call from president and I get to stay in Bournemouth with Sister Barnes!!! In mission terminology my granddaughter gets to kill her grandma. pretty funny. She is just excited because as she says she gets to inherit the birthright (haha known as a loads of stuff I'm going to leave behind). But honestly I could not be happier :) I am so grateful to have stayed in Bath, Teignmouth, and Bournemouth for a good amount of time. I guess I was meant to stay in the south west my whole mission. I really cannot complain. I think I have served in the prettiest parts of the mission with amazing members in solid wards. 

Questions and Answers: I wrote 5 questions for conference that I prayed would be answered. 4/5 of them have been answered and I just assume the other answer is in the one session I didn't watch because of the time difference in England. It is truly amazing how the Spirit presses on your heart and mind the things you need to act upon and think about. I think a talk that really stood out to me was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland about the poor and poor in spirit. Shocker, right? I just am realizing how much more aware I need to be of those in need. I love that Elder Holland said it was something he did not know the answer to, but that he knew that God knows the answers and as we seek His counsel in prayer we can know how we can help the poor and needy on an individual basis. Isn't that great about life? We can seek heaven's help and receive answers. 

Conference: It was such a cool miracle this week as we were teaching this sincere, humble guy named Manny and he said he wished someone he knew was learning about the gospel too. We said you would really get on with this other guy we are teaching named Rodney. Well, turns out they are really good friends. Both of them came to conference and were impressed by the words spoken. They are both seeking the truth, coming from Christian backgrounds, one from Zimbabwe and the other from Nigeria. We are excited to see how they will progress now they are in it together. 

I love you all so much. Have a lovely week!

Sister McLeod

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